Homemade Horseradish (garden fresh)

The roots grow all over my dad’s yard

Turns out, my dad has wild horseradish that grows around his property. I”m guessing it’s called “wild” because it grows freely? I don’t know, is there even really a difference? Let me know in the comments!

So obviously, my first thought was homemade horseradish! But first, I had to figure out to make it. Thank you youtube. After a few helpful tutorials, I was confident I could totally make it.

manitoba wild horseradish st lazare

I grabbed gloves and a pail, my boyfriend grabbed the shovel, and off we went!

Maybe it’s me, but I swear the leaves of a horseradish root look like banana leaves.

Could be my wishful thinking, I do miss traveling.

Before you start, protect your eyes!

wild manitoba horseradish

For some reason when you add liquid to the grated root it causes a chemical reaction similar to tear gas, and that shit will burn your eyes!

Prepared Horseradish Recipe:


7 – 8 pieces of horseradish root

3/4 cup of water

1/4 cup white vinegar

1/2 tsp of salt

1. Trim off the the foliage and scrub the roots.

2.. Grate that root.

And Remember, if you can’t go outside wear goggles and open a door. Fresh air is your friend.


3. Add water to roots and mix, let sit for 2mins.

4. Mix in the salt and vinegar.

Artsy – Fartsy – Part

And because, I love artsy fartsy stuff. I went ahead and branded the packaging for my jar. I used my dad’s name as my inspiration.

Fabien’s Hot Tip

If you like rich creamy things, take a spoonful (or two) of sour cream and mix it into your prepared horseradish. You can spoon that over a baked potato, smear it on a juicy steak or even use it as a vegetable dip, so many options and they’re all freaking good.

I hope you enjoy this tasty little recipe!


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