Glitter ornaments (Pinterest inspired DIY ornaments)

Tropical Pink Vibe

After I had finished decorating our place, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I still wanted to decorate with pink.

dollarama garland diy christmas decor

The wreath was too small

Once everything was set up and in its place, I found myself staring at the garland strung across our tv stand, and I thought to myself, this could look really cool wrapped around our tiny wreath.

Then I found these images!

I scrolled across these ornaments on pinterest and I knew I had to DIY these stat!

DIY’ing a few ornaments

Instead of waiting till next year, I knew decorating this wreath with a few DIY’s would satisfy my curiosity!

TROPICAL HOLIDAY WREATH // DIY Pinterest inspired ornaments

And you know I filmed it too!

I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, I mean, on one hand, it’s kinda busy and there is a lot going on, but I’m not mad about it. 

TROPICAL HOLIDAY WREATH // DIY Pinterest inspired ornaments

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