Should You Buy Bedding From – Is It Worth It?

Bored of the gray aesthetic

We (my partner and I) are both over the gray and white decor. Our room has us feeling cold and uninspired.

No Renovations allowed

Since we rent, changing the doors floors are out of the question. This means the color of our room needs to complement the dark wood doors and yellow hardwood floors.

My inspiration is over budget

After swiping through a ton of Pinterest images, I found the duvet of my dreams but it was over our budget. With the full set coming in at around $600.

I won’t lie, that wasn’t a price I was willing to pay for bedding, and on top of that, even if I was willing to fork out that cash, it was impossible to find a seller who had it in stock.

I found a King Size Dupe to the rescue. Not only did they have a very similar duvet set, but the price was also way too good to pass up.

Worth every penny, it’s gorgeous.

This beauty came in at $89 bucks.

If you’re thinking of getting new bedding, I say give a try. You might be surprised to find they have just what you’re looking for.

Check out my video review here

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