ROLLER SKATING: 4 things to help get you started

Follow Roller Skating accounts on social media

It’s true, Instagram, Youtube & TicTok have a ton of accounts that offer free tutorials for beginners.

Who do I follow, Anna & Frank Vinyl Skates

I was laying on my couch scrolling through TicTok, when I came across Anna’s account. This girl was effortlessly gliding across my screen, skating to some old groovy 70’s song, I was mesmerized.

The next account that got me really excited to buy skates, was Frank Vinyl Skates. She’s one of my favorite fashion bloggers, who took up roller skating. Her Instagram account documents all of her progress from day one.

She also offers a ton of valuable information for beginner skaters (like me) She shares inexpensive skates you should consider buying, comfy clothing she wears, and a few tips & tricks to try if you’re new to skating.

There are a ton of other amazing accounts to follow, but that’s the fun part you get to go and discover!

Roller skating is a sneaky workout!

I say sneaky because I’m so focused on learning how to move around on skates, that I totally forget I’m indirectly working my whole body. So, after 20mins I’m definitely working up a sweat.

4 things to get you started





1. Roller Skates

These are outdoor roller skates made by Impala and, I bought them for 2 reasons.

  1. PRICE: These fit my budget perfectly, I paid $119 (before taxes). You could go cheaper, but there’s a fantastic youtube video (here) that shows you why you might not want to.
  2. SUPPORTING LOCAL: Turns out Vancouver has it’s very own super cute roller skate shop. offers curbside pick-up and, their turnaround time is super quick. I ordered on Friday and the skates were ready for pick up on Monday.

2. Protectie gear

Also from from Rollergirl, this pad set is $60 (before taxes) you get wrist guards, knee pads & elbow pads. They also have cute colorful ones, but I stuck to classic black.

3. Youtube is a goldmine

If you’ve been following my posts, you know by now, Youtube is my go-to on “how to’s” for everything!!! So of course I searched youtube for “how to skate” this is how I found Dirty Deborah Harry.

Her videos are freaking awesome! The way she explains how to carry yourself on skates, the moves you should focus on, and a whole other heap of helpful tips!! It’s gold…. seriously I feel like I’m in a private skating lesson while I’m watching her videos. Love them!

4. Set goals

After my first attempt at skating, I quickly realized I was kinda lost and forgot what I was even trying to accomplish for that day. In comes my journaling.

Weird skating tricks I want to learn:

1. Skating on one leg

2. Crossovers

3. Moonwalk

4. Spinning

Kim Manning explains all of these moves really well using short Instagram videos: check it out here

Writing out goals, and having a plan, has been really helpful in getting me more confident on my skates. I still have a long way to go, but little by little I’m starting to feel more confident and I’m slowly getting closer to my groovy goals.

Would you try roller skating?


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