Thrifting Cute Looks From Instagram

The Inspo: Western Boots & A Floral Dress

Have you ever saw something that stops you dead in your tracks, and you’re like, woah I need that!

For me, it was scrolling across Karen That Brit Chic Instagram. The boots, the dress, that slit. So cute, right!!! I was inspired and knew I had to recreate this look ASAP!

Thrifting cute things I find on instagram

Thrifting cute things I find on instagram

Before Every Thrift

And this is sooooo important! Have a screengrab of your inspo!  Seriously, screengrab any and everything that catches your eye. I have a ton of images saved to my phone, ranging from fashion, art, and home decor. I use these images as a digital shopping list, that way I know exactly which department to hit up first.

Screen instagram looks

Once I’ve found everything I’m looking for, I’m able to relax and start browsing through other departments.  Lucky for me the thrift gods were on my side and, I found everything I was looking for in one haul.

Super Save Club

Take the time to sign up for Value Village’s super saver club.  I saved 30% off my western boots, which basically paid for the dress.


Not All Trips Will Be A Success

And that’s okay. There will always be days when your trips are a total bust. Try not to get discouraged. Enjoy the process, take time to browse. Thrifting takes patience, and eventually, you will find what you’re looking for. I promise.

Thrifting cute things from instagram

And when you do find your items. The high of walking out of that shop with your loot is the ultimate rush. Am I right?

Happy Thrifting!

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