Natural Holiday Decor (DIY dried orange garland)

Natural christmas garland

I wanted to decorate our garland with oranges and it just so happened, I had a dried out orange in my fridge and I’m so glad I didn’t toss it because now I had the perfect little project to try out! 

Ya know I filmed it too!

Here’s How

These are pretty easy to make and i”d say the most difficult part was waiting for them to bake in the oven.

Slice the oranges

into 1″ inch thick slices, I’d recommend at least 2 large navels.


Layout slices

I’ve seen people using parchment paper OR metal racks, I went with metal, to help cut down on waste.

Blot out

remove the extra juice by using a cloth or paper towel

Bake for 2hrs

bake them at  200 degrees for 2hrs,  I could have baked them for another 20-30 mins, but I’m impatient and figured they’d continue to dry out after I hung them up anyway


let cool about 10- 15 mins

String it.

I used a bamboo skewer and white twine for a natural look.

Love it

dried orange garland diy christmas decor

I’m impressed, these turned out really cute and I’d make them again!

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