Everything I use to edit my photos

Careful, Don’t Do What I did.

I’ll never forget the first video I ever made. it was a masterpiece and I was so proud of myself! After I was completely done editing, I thought it would be a great idea to start creating subfolders for all of the video files, I’d been using.

I  created a main folder with subcategories, renamed the videos,  and moved everything into their new homes.  The next morning I opened up Premier pro and guess what wasn’t there.

My First Masterpiece!!!

Hours of cutting and splicing video clips had been replaced with a bunch of red error cards.

What Happened?

Well, turns out when I changed the names of my video files, this resulted in Premiere pro’s computer bot, not being able to locate any of my original files.

For example, I renamed “image123” > to “bathroom”, and now the bot can’t find “image123”

What I Learned

File everything property from the start! Don’t go in after you’ve started to edit and change/move files around. Learn from me, don’t do it!

How I Edit tamaradyane.com adobe canva lynda.com

What I Use

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

2. Adobe Photoshop

3. Da Fonts

4. Lynda.com

5. Canva

how i edit tamaradyane.com adobe canva lynda.com


This is what I use to edit all of my videos, where I cut videos, add filters, music & sound effects. Premiere pro is awesome it almost everything!


This is what I use to edit images, create Pinterest pins, and other photoshopped content. It also lets me upload unique fonts. Where do I find my fonts, I’ll tell you below.


This is a golden oldie from back in the day when my sisters were studying graphic design. It’s a site where you can search and download all different types of fonts, did I mention it’s free!

4. LYNDA.COM (free)

If you haven’t heard of Lynda.com, you’re in for a treat!

First off it’s a free learning platform! All you need is a library card. Get logged in, and search for Lynda, from there you can access tons of FREE video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, and business skills.

This is where I learned how to use Premiere pro.

As for photoshop, I always head to youtube. I like that the tutorials are super short and to the point. I find this is an easier way for me to narrow down whatever effect I’m trying to achieve.

5. CANVA (free)

How I edit tamaradyane.com adobe canva lynda.com


Another freebie and super easy to use. It’s a drag and drop graphic design program.

I like to use it when I don’t have access to photoshop or if I need to whip up something quickly, Did I mention how easy it is to use!

So, that’s it! That’s everything I use to edit my videos. If you’re just getting started, I’d definitely recommend you try out Canva it’s a great introduction to graphic design.

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