Why I Started Youtube:

My sister made me do it. It’s true. She had just started her own youtube channel and with her encouragement I started one up too!


Fun Fact:

These two are a triple threat! They are videographers – photographers & graphic designers. On top of all that, my other sister is a photographer too!

As you can imagine i’ve learned a lot from these three, and i’m super grateful for everything they’ve shared with me.

So now i’m going to play it forward and share it with you.

Cameras & Tripods


what i use to film youtube canon t3i neewar led light canon powershot

In the start it didn’t make sense for me to run out and buy a fancy camera. My sisters husband lent me his Canon sureshot, and I used that for my first few videos.

Then I realized sound and lighting was really important to me, and I started to invest in equipment.  My first purchase was microphone, lighting and eventually a new/used camera.


These are necessary will help you get unique angles. If you can, buy two! My first one came with the camera I bought from facebook marketplace. The second one I picked up from a thrift store, it was under $10.

Iphone 10

Great for stealth videos. I still get  embarrassed when I need to film in public, so my iphone is a perfect solution.

Canon Sure Shot

Two words, AUTO FOCUS. This camera keeps my moving object in focus at all times.

Canon Rebel T3i

Sadly this camera doesn’t have auto focus, which makes filming moving objects impossible, but it does have a little LCD screen so I can see myself and a jack to plug in a mic for better sound.

For the modest price, this has been a really great camera for my introduction into video & photography.

CANON T3I filming youtube

Next Up, Lighting & Sound:

Amazon had everything I was looking for, and fit my budget.

what i use to film youtube canon t3i neewar led light canon powershot

Newer Led Light 

Neewer was the right size and price. It’s small but powerful light that is great for low light days & nights. Did I mention it’s powerful and the battery lasts forever.



Another smartly priced purchase that was worth every penny. I’d say the difference in sound is subtle, but definitely it there. 



That’s A Wrap!

I’ve learned so much since I shot my first video last year, and I still have so much more to learn. The best feeling though, is when your working on something and it finally clicks. When you’re like…ooooh I get it!

pinterest art quoteSo, if you’re toying with the idea of starting any kind of social media account, youtube, instagram or even twitter. I say do It!



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