Cardigan Kimono (thrift-flip)

You know what I love about thrift store shopping, FABRICS. I can usually count on finding a variety of unique prints. Even if the prints are a little wacky and I might be on the fence, I’ll purchase it.

Chances are, if I hesitate it’ll be gone! A mistake I won’t make again, I will never forget how amazing that print was…..I missed out and it’s too tragic to think about.

Lucky for me, I learnt my lesson which is why I didn’t hesitate to snatch up this tropical print.

Operation Tropical Kimono

Diy Hack: use your old clothing to trace out new patterns! I used my old kimono cardigan.

If you’ve read my previous post, (how diy’s can build confidence) you’ll know I like to use old clothing as patterns.

It was meant to be

Fast forward to my next thrift trip, I came across this teal beauty!

Thrift Flip, how to diy vintage fabric into a kimono

This teal color instantly evoked feelings of laying in the sun on a striped lounge chair nestled by the sea.

I was convinced this minty teal was would pair perfectly with tropical kimono! I told myself if it didn’t work out, I could always donate the hat.

The fun part, styling!

Since the print is pretty bright and bold, I wanted to keep everything else pretty neutral. I went with a black tank top, a pair of comfy denim shorts, and neutral sandals.

Sadly winter is coming, so this outfit will have wait until next summer, but that’s okay!

Today I got to pretend I was on a summer getaway, and that was fun.


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