5 Iphone Editing App’s You Need To Download

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If you think about your favorite image, what do you like most about it? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot lately.

After analyzing a ton of my favorite photos, I realized they all had one thing in common – Filters. But not filters to alter and distort the way you look (facetune etc..) little alters, micro-changes like adjusting colors in the sky or the color of a plant.

My goal over the past few weeks has been learning how to use all of the editing apps I have stored on my phone and to see if I could create my own filters.

All 5 of these apps are completely free, easy to use, and offer an option to save any filter you create. To be able to save and reuse your filter is huge because that ultimately will end up saving you a ton of time when it comes to editing your next image!

Honestly, I didn’t even realize I had the option to save and name my filters until I started researching “how to create your own presets”. From my understanding, a preset is basically a filter, who knew!

5 Free Editing Apps

1. Snapseed

2. Darkroom

3. Lightroom

4. Inshot

5. Sparkle Cam


(A photo-editing application for iOS and Android)

My favorite tool on this app, is the Healing Brush tool it allows you to fix image imperfections such as scratches, marks on walls, etc. This was the first editing app I ever downloaded. My sister introduced me to this gem years ago and I’m STILL using it!


(Video Editor & Video Maker )

Great for RESIZING images for Instagram & editing videos for reels. It’s available on iOS and AndroidInShot app is an all-in-one visual content editing app. It allows you to create videos, edit photos, and create image collages.


(Photo & Video Editor for Photo Editor & Image Presets and iPad)

My 3 favorite Tools are Clarity, Dehaze & Grain and you can save any presets you create. I learned about his app from Frank Vinyl she has a bunch of helpful editing videos on Instagram (check them out here) I’ve been using the free version and so far it’s been great.


(Photo & Video Editor for iPhone and iPad)

I like using this to adjust all the colors in my images, for example, I”ll used the color slider to adjust the greens of the plant to a darker earthier feel. I learned about his app through Audrie Storme, she has a super helpful tutorial on how to use this app and I’ll link it here: (check out her tutorial here)


(Bring stars, glitters, sparkles to your videos and photos.)

Sparkly filters, yes, please! The only downfall to this app is the ads you are forced to sit through before you can start editing, a small price to pay for a little touch of magic!

Let your editing adventures begin!

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